Rover 100/Metro Technical data HydragasHydragas Register

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Basic information
Rover MetroRover 100
Rover MetroRover 100

Three and five door hatchback or two door convertible, front wheel drive
Replaced Austin Metro in April 1990, Rover Metro in UK, Rover 100 elsewhere, updated to become Rover 100 series in Autumn 1994.
Front anti-roll bar, front dampers (some models), Rear anti-roll bar (GTi)

Note: This page covers models with Rover K-series OHC or Peugeot Diesel engines only. For models with A-series OHV engine, click here.

Change temperature for the below data. This function is based on Rover's recommended figure of 0.6mm per 1°C.

ModelsSuspension typeConnectionsRide heightValve location
1990-1998 All modelsHydragasFront-rear341mm ± 10 mm at 17°C

Trim height is measured from the centre of the wheel straight up to the wheelarch. Tyre pressures should be correct, the vehicle should be parked on a level surface, unladen but with a full petrol tank, and spare wheel in its correct storage position. The vehicle should not have been driven for at least two hours. Put the steering straight ahead and the handbrake off, bounce the car a few times, allow it to settle and then roll the car forward about a metre. Bounce the front of the car, allow it to settle, then measure the trim heights. They should be within the specifications above, and One side should not be any more than 10mm different to the other side.

Valves are located on each side of the rear subframe and can be accessed just in front of each rear wheel.

Rover Metro/100 Hydragas Suspension

Lowering and stiffening- see how DPR Motorsport modified their racing Metro
Talon Sports Cars offer a Hydragas individualising kit as well as other performance modifications.
Reyland offer a Hydragas individualising kit as well as other performance modifications.

Useful Part Numbers
ModelsDescriptionPart number
Rover 100/Metro- All modelsFront Hydragas unitRNK10002
Rover 100/Metro- All modelsRear Hydragas unitNAM9534
Rover 100/Metro- All modelsTrailing arm assembly, rear, RHRGG10202
Rover 100/Metro- All modelsTrailing arm assembly, rear, LHRGG10203
Rover Metro GTi 16VFront damperNAM9003EVA
Recalls and bulletins
ModelsDateDescriptionView textView PDF
LHD models with 185 tyres25/09/1996Brake pull- castor differentialR3540bu

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