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Basic information

MGF (Photo Credit: Neil Surrey Lab)

Two seater convertible sports car, mid engine, rear wheel drive.
Launched September 1995, replaced by coil-sprung MG TF in February 2002.
Dampers front and rear, anti roll bar front and rear.

The MGF is the only Hydragas-equipped car that was later converted to use coil springs.
Change temperature for the below data. This function is based on MG Rover's recommended figure of 0.6mm per 1°C.

ModelsSuspension typeConnectionsRide heightValve location
1995-2002 All models except MGF TrophyHydragasFront-rear368mm ± 10 mm at 17°C
2001-2002 MGF TrophyHydragasFront-rear348mm ± 10 mm at 17°C

Trim height is measured from the centre of the wheel straight up to the wheelarch. Tyre pressures should be correct, the vehicle should be parked on a level surface, unladen but with a full petrol tank, and spare wheel in its correct storage position. The vehicle should not have been driven for at least two hours. Put the steering straight ahead and the handbrake off, bounce the car a few times, allow it to settle and then roll the car forward about a metre. Bounce the front of the car, allow it to settle, then measure the trim heights. They should be within the specifications above, and One side should not be any more than 10mm different to the other side.

Thanks to Polo for providing the image on the right. This shows the suspension at the factory recommended trim height.
MGF Hydragas Suspension

Accessing the valves
Open the boot using the key, and in the corner of the boot is the handle for the front bonnet. Open the bonnet and take out the spare wheel and any other items in the spare wheel well (e.g. toolkit). Remove the nuts for the black plastic cover- there's two plastic 10mm nuts on the left hand side as you look at the car, and one at each bottom corner of the cover (hidden from view when you look downwards into this area). Then wiggle out the cover. The valves are now visible each side of the screen wash bottle.

Parts sources
A useful source of modified or uprated parts for the MGF is Mike Satur (or visit the company's eBay Shop).
Standard parts can be found through ex-MG Rover dealerships, or Rimmer Bros.
Brown and Gammons is also a useful parts source.

Useful part numbers- MGF Front suspension

ModelsDescriptionPart number
MGF, All except TrophyFront displacerRNK100070
MGF TrophyFront displacerRNK000010
MGF, All except TrophyFront lower arm, RHRBJ101060
MGF, All except TrophyFront lower arm, LHRBJ101070
MGF TrophyFront lower arm, RHRBJ000220
MGF TrophyFront lower arm, LHRBJ000230
MGF, All modelsBolt securing lower arm to subframe and Nylon patchRYG10048
MGF, All modelsLower balljoint, RHRBK100400
MGF, All modelsLower balljoint, LHRBK100410
MGF, All modelsFront upper arm, RHRBJ101200
MGF, All modelsFront upper arm, LHRBJ101210

Useful part numbers- MGF Rear suspension

ModelsDescriptionPart number
MGF, All except TrophyRear displacerRPJ100020
MGF TrophyRear displacerRPJ000010

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