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Basic information

Wolseley 1300
Wolseley 1300

Models covered: Austin 1100/1300, Morris 1100/1300, MG 1100/1300, Riley Kestrel and Wolseley 1100/1300.
Four door saloon or three door estate, front wheel drive.
Launched August 1962, replaced by Austin Allegro in May 1973.

Front suspension: double wishbones, unequal length.
Rear suspension: Independent trailing arms, with auxiliary springs and anti-roll bar.

The first car to use Hydrolastic suspension.
ModelsSuspension typeConnectionsRide heightValve location
All modelsHydrolasticFront-rear346mmFront

Note: BMC recommended using the pressure rather than the trim height for checking and adjustment.


Fluid pressure (unladen): 14.41 bar (205psi)
Ride height (from wheel centre to top of arch): Front: 346mm Rear: 346mm

Workshop manuals

These pages are extracted from the BMC Workshop Manual.

H1: Suspension contents
H2: Front suspension components
H3: Key to front suspension components
H4: Rear suspension components
H5: Key to rear suspension components
H6: Suspension
H7: Suspension
H8: Suspension
H9: Suspension
H10: Suspension
H11: Suspension
H12: Suspension
H13: Suspension
H14: Subframes and mountings components
H15: Key to subframes and mountings components
H16: Suspension
H17: Service tools
H18: Service tools

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