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The story so far

In Summer 2009 I decided to buy a Sherpa and convert it into a camper van. I also decided I would change a few other things, like fitting a Rover Turbo Diesel engine. My mate Tim's Honda Civic was demolished by a minicab around that time, which happened to be the 2-litre turbo diesel model with Rover's L-series engine (the Civic, not the minicab). I knew the car had been looked after and ran well so I bought it from the insurance company and cut the engine out.

Then in late Summer, I saw a suitable van for sale. It was already a camper van, but the engine had broken. It also had sliding front doors, which means you can drive with the door open (possibly not legally). I ended up buying the van, and storing it over the winter in a secret location in the South East of England. Then in March I made a start on the engine conversion. I've also got some other plans for it which I'll reveal in good time. I might attempt to make this site into something useful, but for now you'll just have to read through everything in the order I've done it.

Sherpa Camper vanNON RUNNER TOW AWAY ONLY! Reluctant auction of much loved, well equipped Sherpa camper, diesel. Lots of work done - Structural welding, KIng Pins, Track rod, Front pads, rear brake cylinders, pine wooden floor, stereo upgrade and recent coat of paint! Also recent re-con cylinder head - developed fault in crank, now no compression MOT Nov 2009, tax available as extra.

Sherpa camper van Sherpa camper van
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Sherpa van history

The Leyland Sherpa was launched in 1974. They're rear-wheel-drive with a proper ladder chassis and leaf springs all round. It took over from the J4 van, which it actually shares the roof panel with. The rest of it was various Mini, Marina and Land Rover parts, with a few Sherpa-specific bits as well. This is the classic Sherpa. Later on, the overhead-cam O-series engine was offered (original Sherpas had the B-series), front disc brakes and telescopic dampers came in as well. In 1982, the van was facelifted into the K2 Sherpa, with a more modern look. The Freight-Rover brand came in around this time, which is what my van is. The next big change was the introduction of the 300-series van, which was a wider and longer chassis and body. The standard Sherpa was named the 200-series. Later, and later the twin-rear-wheel 400 was launched, the LDV name came in around 1993, and in 1996 the range was facelifted into the Bulldog range, in which the 200 became the LDV Pilot, and the 300/400 became the LDV Convoy. They then carried on to 2005 with a few changes but largely the same. They were then replaced by the LDV Maxus van developed in partnership with Daewoo.

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Contact me

If you have any questions, feedback or even suggestions, please email me: pete@pimpmysherpa.co.uk

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