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Light switches

The column stalks in K2 Sherpas are shared with the Metro, Maestro and Montego, along with the instrument panel and clock. Some switches have thin white strands sticking out, these are the fibre optic leads for the illumination (not fitted to all models). This Metro switch had no main beam but the flash worked, which seems a common fault, so I decided to take a look.

Metro indicator switch

The plastic slide in the centre of the photo fits into the body on the left, and slides up and down as you push the switch between flash, dip and main beam. As it slides, the contacts join up the appropriate circuit. The small piece of copper next to the slide is the contact, which has burned and fallen out. The contacts on which it slides are also burned and some of the plastic has melted (below). I might have a go at repairing it another day.

Metro indicator switch

For testing purposes, this is what the pins do (as far as I can tell from looking at the switch, I will do a few checks on the van wiring to confirm):

Sherpa Metro Maestro Montego indicator switch pin data

1Power in
2Headlamp main beam output (flash and continuous)
3Headlamp dipped beam output
4Headlamp circuit input
6RH indicator
7Sidelight circuit output
9Headlamp circuit output
10Horn output
11From flasher relay?
12LH indicator
Centre pin (brown)Joined to pin 1
> Top
Instrument panel

Metro instrument panel

Another Metro/Maestro/Montego item, I wanted to fit an instrument panel with a rev counter. I have found there are two different sizes- 290mm (originally in the Sherpa), and 330mm. I've bought a 330mm item with rev counter and a round pin for the trip reset, rather than the more usual rectangular item. Written on the bottom is LM10, the development code for the Austin Maestro. The panel has two connectors, the first with three pins, then a gap, then another seven (I shall call this A) and the second (B) has six pins before the gap and four after the gap. As far as I can tell from looking, the pins are as follows:

A1To engine temperature sensor
A2To fuel tank level sensor
A3Earthing this pin illuminates the bottom left warning lamp (not used on this dash, but on diesels is the glow plug lamp)
A4Brake pad wear warning lamp
A5Instrument illumination
A6Brake pad wear warning lamp
A7Choke warning lamp
A8Low brake fluid sensor
A9(see note below)
A10To parking brake switch
B1To oil pressure switch
B2Indicator RH
B4Indicator LH
B6Main beam
B7Trailer warning lamp (see note below)
B9From ignition circuits
B10Rev counter signal in (from ECU or ignition coil)

A9 is something to do with the brake warning lamps, it possibly overrides the parking brake and low brake fluid warning lamps for some reason. The trailer warning lamp was fitted to Austin-Rover cars and vans and although I'm not certain of its exact function, I believe it's plumbed into the flasher relay and allows you to check some of the trailer lights without getting out of the car.

From a quick look it appears that the two panels use the same connections, so apart from the physical size, are interchangable.

Sherpa instrument panel

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